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Our Mission at Positive Change Counseling envisions a world in which mental health is no longer stigmatized, and people make their mental health a priority.  People should openly share their experiences with mental health providers in a safe environment and feel supported in seeking treatment without shame. We also work with individuals and organizations to provide Careers Services, Supervision, and Organizational Training on leadership, and communication.

 What is Therapy? 

Psychotherapy is a supportive relationship whereas the therapist works with their client to obtain insight, process feelings, and learn strategies to manage or eliminate identified symptoms. Psychotherapy can help a person function better and can increase well being and healing.

Each session is essentially a supportive session whereas the therapist holds a space to help client’s process uncomfortable feelings, in addition to victories. The therapist use various interventions, and expertise to assist the clients in trying to resolve some of life’s most challenging situations. The process can only happen the context of a safe and supportive relationship. Professional therapists are bound by law to uphold confidentiality and protect privacy unless it involves saving someone’s life.

Therapist will give you the tools you need and actions to take home with you. This will help you build independence and handle difficult situations on your own. a therapist should guide you toward goals that are attainable and ones that work best for you throughout your sessions.

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